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UU Spirituality

They say you can't define "beauty." Rather, "you just know it when you see it." The same can be said of Unitarian Universalist Spirituality. It's an attitude more than a set of beliefs. A way of being in the world more than specific convictions about the nature of the world. One UU theologian put it simply, "It's an openness to life." At First Unitarian, we often talk about it in terms of "living and loving boldly.” Our ministers point out that the word "spirit" when used in the biblical texts is almost always linguistically related to the word "breath" or "wind." So think about what “breathes” life into you and, from a UU perspective, you’re in the realm of spirituality. None of us wants to live lives that feel shallow, empty or "flat." We regularly hunger to "go deeper," to "get beneath the surface of things." That for us is the work of spirituality.

In the spirit of "knowing it when you see it," we offer you a number of "pictures" of UU spirituality below. These sermons, personal statements and general principles will give you a feel for "the spirit" that moves in and graces our lives.

Why We Come
Video of members sharing what the First Unitarian community has meant to them. Click here

Making a Difference
Articles highlighting our members and how they are making a difference as they listen, open, and serve in our community. Click here

This I Believe
Read a number of personal belief statements written by our members. This captures the rich diversity of the spiritual perspectives amoung us. Click here

Our UU Principles
Don’t mistake these for our creed. This is a list of the more common perspectives amoung all UUs. It does not capture all we believe or necessarily what UUs each believe most strongly. They are simply—and powerfully—the core items most of us share. Click here

Beliefs within Our Faith
This lifts up our embrace of the many faith traditions of all humanity. We do not believe that truth is the sole possession of one religion, but is spread throughout all traditions, even the "secular" traditions of science, Shakesphere, movies and Barnes & Noble books! Click here

The Flaming Chalice
Read about the symbol of our faith. Click here

100 Questions That Non-Members Ask
This popular and brief overview, 100 Questions That Non-Members Ask About Unitarian Universalism, offers a distinctly humanist view of Unitarian Universalism and helps newcomers get a good feel of who we are. It comes to us courtesy of our friends at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashua, New Hampshire

Sermon Sampler

Turkish Coffee, A Comfy Couch, and Unconditional Love by Rev. Kaaren Anderson: audio | text

Giving Trudy Options by Rev. Kaaren Anderson: audio | text

What Is He For Us? by Rev. Kaaren Anderson: text

Whose Side Are You On? by Rev. Kaaren Anderson: text

Giving Voice to Your Heart…Finding Your Authenticity and Passion by Rev. Tina Simson: audio | text

Fat Ankles and Other Dragons in the Mist by Rev. Tina Simson: audio | text

Awakening to the Worth of Pennies by Rev. Scott Tayler: audio

September 24 2013