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Our Mission Statement

Creating connection by
listening to our deepest selves,
opening to life's gifts and
serving needs greater than our own -
every day!

The Theology Behind Our Mission

As Unitarian Universalists, we are rooted in the idea that religion is about a way of life. We focus on deeds, not creeds. And the deeds we believe are most needed are those that help address spiritual disconnection, which we believe is the primary spiritual struggle of our time. Looking at our own lives and the lives around us, we see people struggling against:

  • a shallow, frantic culture
  • forgetfulness about who they really are and who they want to be
  • a feeling of being pulled apart
  • a desire for "more"

These common struggles leave many of us wanting to be more intentional about strengthening the connections to ourselves, others and life itself. In response, our congregation focuses on three "life lines" or means of connection. We help each other:

  1. Listen to our deepest selves.
  2. Open to the gifts (and grace) of the world.
  3. Serve needs greater than our own.

Listen! Open! Serve! You will hear these three words a lot around our church. They frame our approach to Unitarian Universalist spiritual development. They clarify our mission and vision and guide our actions and decisions. They inspire us and remind us we value this community so deeply.

If these three lifelines speak to you, we'd love your help strengthening them in each other and offering them to the world!

Our Ministries

In order to carry out this mission of Listen, Open, Serve, we've committed ourselves to a wide range of ministries.

December 18 2012