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Small Groups and Activities

Our Groups at a Glance
(Click on the links below or use the menu at right to view complete descriptions and contact information for specific small groups.)

Getting Started Groups
UU 101: Introducing First Unitarian
Starting Point: Introduction to the UU Journey
UU201: Step to Membership

Journey Groups
Soul Matters Groups
Soul Matters for UU Wellspring™ Graduates
Art Soul Matters Group
Writing from the Heart Soul Matters Group
Buddhist Book Group
Buddhist Discussion Group
Tarot Journey Group
UU Women
UU Writers
UU Wellspring™ I - Spiritual Deepening for Unitarian Universalists
UU Wellspring™ II - Principles, Ritual and Deep Questions
UU Wellspring™ III - Spiritual Practice

Adult Education & Enrichment
Wealth, Poverty, and Justice in the Bible and Beyond
Currents Discussion Group
LAVA Book Discussion Group
Morning Book Discussion Group
UUs Reading Non-Fiction

Spiritual Practice Opportunities
Dream Workshop
Labyrinth Quest
Listen To Your Life With Tarot
Beginning Meditation / Deepening Meditation One
Deepening Meditation Two
Guided Meditation
Mindfulness Retreat for the Summer Solstice
Qi Gong / Tai Chi
Tai Chi Practice Group
Turning Inward
Vipassana Meditation
Yoga with Eileen

Transition & Support
ABCPNG Networking (Always Be Connecting, Power Networking Group)
Aging Gratefully
Together in Grief

Music & Arts Groups
Café Veritas
FirstLight Players
First Muse Chamber Music
Williams Gallery Art Committee

Social & Community Building Groups
Camping At Letchworth
Lunch Bunch
Q&A: Queer and Ally
Saturday Movie Group
Ski Club
20/30s Connections
Unirondack Fall Camping Trip

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