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Also see our Music & Arts program's listing of Worship Music Ensembles.

Café Veritas Concerts [2013-14]
Contact: Robert Grolling
362-2918; robertgrolling@yahoo.com

The Café Veritas volunteers, who organize the concerts, have grown into a great community of music lovers and friends. As our website puts it "we're basically an extremely social, well fed, overly caffeinated group of people with really good taste in music." Join us if you are interested in organizing listening room evenings and/or enjoying some great music! To purchase tickets, visit here.

FirstLight Players [2013-14]
Contact: firstlight@rochesterunitarian.org

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Our drama group welcomes people who are interested in becoming part of the community of performers, artists and organizers who put on our productions. We need people who perform, design & build sets, design & construct costumes, gather and organize props, create and print programs, do publicity, refreshments, tickets, etc.

First Muse Chamber Music [2013-14]
Contact: Melissa Matson
624-9649; mmmviola@rochester.rr.com

The First Muse Committee hosts several chamber music concerts each year at First Unitarian, featuring Rochester's finest classical musicians in an intimate setting, and raising funds for social justice groups sponsored by the church. Join the committee if you want to be part of producing what City newspaper refers to as the "edgy chamber music series." To purchase tickets, visit here.

Williams Gallery Art Committee [2013-14]
Contact: Elaine Anderson at elaineanderson2@mac.com

The Williams Gallery Art Committee plans and displays the work of many artists each year at First Unitarian in the Williams Gallery. See the current schedule here; join the committee if you want to be part of putting these shows together.

April 24 2014