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Honduras Partnership

The Honduras Project Task Force had its beginning in the church's holiday Greater Good effort. In 2006, we raised $30,000 for clean water projects in a small township in Honduras called San Jose, projects pursued by the Global Health Program of the University of Rochester Department of Family Medicine. Since then, our Greater Good gift has developed into a relationship between our congregation, the Global health Program and the people of San Jose - working together to improve the quality of life for this 2000 member community. In 2007 and 2008 a number of initiatives for the Honduras Project were also funded by generous Greater Good donations: scholarships for 10-12 students to travel to a larger town for seventh grade, microfinance projects, a gift toward the construction of a volunteer house, improved cookstoves, and ongoing water projects.

At the church, the Honduras Project Task Force has also launched education initiatives ranging from creating curriculum for math, science, and literacy for use by Honduran teachers, to the collection of school supplies to a letter exchange between our school children and children in Honduras, particularly those receiving scholarships. There are many opportunities to get involved with these projects here in Rochester and - for the more adventurous - future travel to San Jose! We have subcommittees on Curriculum Development, Scholarships, Religious Education, Microfinance (joint with the Department of Family Medicine), and Fundraising.

In 2010 we began a Student Sponsorship Program, through which individuals and families can sponsor a child to continue in school beyond seventh grade. A full share of this sponsorship costs $460; half shares are also available. If you would like to sponsor a child, please email MJ Curry at mjcurry@Warner.Rochester.edu. Donations can also be made to the Seventh Grade Scholarship Fund.

To learn more select a link at upper right, or contact:

Barbara Gawinski, Honduras Partnership co-chair | email
MJ Curry, Honduras Partnership co-chair | email

Art Show Photos

Photos below are from the Honduras Task Force's Spring 2012 Art Show. The works are autobiographical collages that were created by Honduran elementary school students during the Fall 2011 brigade.

Five collages Four collages Five collages Four collages

January 13 2014