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Our Building

"Architecture is the thoughtful making of spaces. It is the creating of spaces that evoke a feeling of appropriate use." – Louis Kahn

Our Louis Kahn building has been described as one of "the most significant works of religious architecture of the [20th] century" and as "the only building of international significance" in Monroe County. It is regularly visited by architects and students from all over the world.

To learn more about our building, and the experience of being in it, please explore some of the resources below.

  • A self-guided tour (audio by cell phone or mp3 download; text availabe) was created as part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of our building.
  • A virtual tour of our building was created by Chen Zhang as his MFA thesis project in the Computer Graphics Design program at RIT. It is reproduced here with his kind permission. (The project uses HTML5; a modern browser is required for viewing.)
  • Text of a brochure by Jean France, architectural historian and a member of the original building committee, available to visitors.
  • The extensive Wikipedia page about our church includes much information about the building.
  • Changes to the building made over the years, illustrated by photographs from our archives.

December 15 2012