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2000-01 Sermons

Sermons are by 1970-2002 Parish Minister Richard Gilbert unless otherwise noted.

The Parables Of Home: Lake Wobegon and Bristol September 10, 2000
Coming Home Like Rivers
To The Sea Sunday
Is Life What Happens To Us When We're Making Other Plans? September 17, 2000
Is Faster Better? A Theology Of Pace September 24, 2000
Are We Really Bowling Alone? Cocooning In America October 1, 2000
Compassionate Conservatism and Unrepentant Liberalism: The Volatile Mix Of Politics and Religion October 8, 2000
While Standing On One Foot: A Unitarian Universalist Catechism October 15, 2000
Bring a Friend Sunday
The Ethical Investor In a Global Economy October 22, 2000
United Nations Sunday
How Accountable Do We Feel About Our Words With One Another?
sermon by Education Minister Helena Palmer Chapin
October 29, 2000
Idiots and Politicians: "If the Gods Had Meant Us to Vote They Would Have Given Us Candidates" November 5, 2000
Election Sunday
How Much Is Enough? A Thanksliving Reflection November 19, 2000
UUSC Sunday
Gratitude and the Hungry Spirit November 23, 2000
Interfaith Thanksgiving Service
The Anonymous String: A Meditation On Connectedness November 26, 2000
Is to Be to Be for Others? Jesus, Altruism and the Giving Tree December 3, 2000
Desperately Seeking Solitude in Season December 10, 2000
"Be Glad At That Star" by Parish Minister Richard Gilbert
World War II and Christmas by Education Minister Helena Palmer Chapin
December 24, 2000
Christmas Eve
Was My Life Worthwhile?
A Consideration Of Aging For All Ages
January 7, 2001
Service of the Living Tradition
Bearing Witness: The Moral State of the Nation January 14, 2001
Martin Luther King, Jr. Sunday
Born a Unitarian Universalist: Again & Again & Again January 21, 2001
Bring a Friend Sunday
Gentleness in Living: The Difficult Art of Being Careful With People January 28, 2001
Do I Believe In God? Do You? February 4, 2001
Some People Are Harder To Love Than Others February 11, 2001
Valentine's Sunday
Are We More Than What We Do? February 18, 2001
Homo Poetica: "Why Don't You Do Something Useful?" Poetry in a Prosaic Age
Richard Gilbert and poet Thom Ward
February 25, 2001
Roots Hold Me Close; Wings Set Me Free March 4, 2001
Canvass Sunday
"No Good Deed Goes Unpunished": The Annoyance of a Good Example March 11, 2001
Charitable choice: President Bush's Faith-Based Initiative and What It Means for Us Meditation: Spring's Tempting Rehearsal March 18, 2001
Just Taxes: Representation Without Taxation Is Anarchy Meditation: Feel the Earth Turn April 1, 2001
UUSC Sunday
Good Grief: The Right to Grieve Meditation: Time, Death And The Space Between The Stars April 8, 2001
Life Is a Tragedy Full of Joy Meditation: Surely Joy Is The Condition Of Life April 15, 2001
Easter Sunday
Faith Works: The Ministry of the Laity Meditation: Walking Meditation April 29, 2001
Volunteer Sunday
"Soft Seats and No Hell": Heaven, Hell, and Universalism Meditation: Deep, Deep, Deeper Go May 6, 2001
Everyday Spiritual Practice
by Education Minister Helena Chapin and members of her Adult Program Committee class
May 13, 2001
Reflections Meditation: Thanks Be For These June 3, 2001
The Flower Communion Story June 10, 2001
Family Flower Festival
Called! By Whom? To What? June 24, 2001
Service of the Living Tradition
UUA General Assembly (Cleveland, Ohio)
Orangeade for the Tourists
by 2001 Summer Minister Peter House
June 24, 2001
Another Look at the First Principle
by 2001 Summer Minister Peter House
July 8, 2001
A Good Death
by 2001 Summer Minister Peter House
July 15, 2001
What Is Time If We Are Not Mindful Of It?
by 2001 Summer Minister Peter House
July 22, 2001
The Religion of Consumerism
by 2001 Summer Minister Peter House
July 29, 2001
Wired for God?
by Susan Dodge Peters
August 5, 2001
You mean ME?
by 2001 Summer Minister Peter House
August 19, 2001
'Tis the Gift To Be Simple
by 2001 Summer Minister Peter House
August 26, 2001

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